GUEST SPEAKER:  Durham Regional Police Service  - Detective Martin Franssen

Dave Andrews introduced our speaker Det Martin Franssen. Det Franssen started his career in the military and followed that into policing. He has had a long and distinguished career. His focus is now on fraud, particularly cases involving seniors as victims. He is also a proud member of the Rotary Club of Oshawa.

He stressed being aware. Not giving out personal information. A fraudster is looking for personal information. Your phone number, your age group, your sex etc. etc. all valuable information in finding a likely victim. Losses are in the 100’s of millions.

Don’t answer the cell phone when you do not recognize the incoming number. Ignore the call. If you pick up the call, hang up. Don’t answer text messages if you don’t know the sender.

Use a safety “password” that family know. If the caller doesn’t know the password hang-up.

Don’t share credit cards and pins. Use a gift card if someone needs to shop for you.

 Don’t react to computer scams by responding to offers or any request for information. Shut your computer down – off button or pull the plug if you have mistakenly engaged. Develop complex passwords. Use a pass phrase that is easy for you to remember but hard to be discovered.

 Have a well considered will, Have respective powers of attorney.

Take advice on how to protect title to your property and familiarize yourself with mortgage fraud. Go to the land titles office a do a search on your property. Make sure title is clear or that there are only proper liens registered.

 For more information go to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (dial 211) and/or the Durham Regional Police Service websites.

Bob Stewart thanked Martin and presented him with our polio certificate as a token of the club’s appreciation for his exceptionally informative presentation.

NOTE:  Martin has asked me to send some very important attachments that will help you ..

Meeting ended at 8:10 pm


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